B# Chemicals and Lab supply
# Adhesives, Glue and Sealants
-Fevicol Adhesive
-Synthetic Adhesives
-Industrial Adhesives
-Waterproofing Material
# Barcode, Stickers & Luggage Tags
-Printed Stickers
-Barcode Stickers
-Vinyl Sticker
-Printed Tags
# Plastic Containers & Bottles
-Plastic Bottles
-PET Bottles
-Plastic Containers
-Plastic Water Bottle
-Empty Mineral Water Bottle
# Adhesive & Pressure Sensitive Tapes
-Self Adhesive Tapes
-Packaging Tapes
-BOPP Tapes
-Masking Tapes
# Food Packaging Materials & Supplies
-Sweet Boxes
-Sweet Packaging Box
-Food Packaging Box
-Food Containers
-Chocolate Box
# Packaging Films & Foils
-Packaging Rolls
-Stretch Film
-Aluminum Foils
-Glass Films
-Laminated Rolls
# Labels: Adhesive, Fabric & Metal
-Printed Labels
-Barcode Label
-Product Labels
-Garment Labels
# Packaging Cartons
-Corrugated Boxes
-Packaging Boxes
-Corrugated Packaging Box
-Carton Box
-Printed Corrugated Boxes
# Crates, Trays and Pallets
-Wooden Pallets
-Plastic Crates
-Plastic Trays
-Wooden Crates
-Plastic Bins
# Filling Machines & Plants
-Filling Machines
-Mineral Water Plant
-Liquid Filling Machine
-Bottle Filling Machines
-Automatic Filling Machine
# Strapping & Sealing Machines
-Seal Machines
-Strapping Machines
-Automatic Sealing Machine
-Band Sealing Machine
-Box Strapping Machine
# Packaging Caps & Seals
-Bottle Caps
-Plastic Bottle Cap
-Spray Pumps
-Water Bottle Cap
-Jar Cap
# Packaging, Laminated & Zip Bags
-Non Woven Bag
-Plastic Bags
-Plastic Carry Bags
-Poly Bags
-Printed Non Woven Bags
# Packaging & Lamination Machinery
-Packaging Machine
-Lamination Machines
-Vacuum Packaging Machines
-Film Lamination Machine
-Laminated Boxes
# Packaging Pouches & Envelopes
-Packaging Pouch
-Laminated Pouches
-Plastic Pouches
-Designer Envelope
-Water Pouch
# Form Fill & Seal Machines
-Packaging Machine
-Pouch Packaging Machines
-Automatic Pouch Packing Machines
-Form Fill Seal Machines
-Automatic Packaging Machines
# Protective Packing Materials
-Air Bubble Roll
-Thermocol Sheet
-Air Bubble Sheet
-EPE Foam
# Bulk Bags & Sacks
-Polypropylene Bulk Bags
-HDPE Bags
-Garbage Bags
-PP Woven Bags
-Woven Bags
#Marking and Stamping Machines
-Labelling Machines
-Laser Marking Machine
-Batch Coding Machines
-Coding Machine
-Sticker Labelling Machine
# Aluminium,Tin Can & Metal Containers
-Packaging Materials
-Storage Containers
-Metal Boxes
-Stainless Steel Container
-Insulated Steel Water Bottle
# Wrapping & Banding Machines
-Wrapping Machines
-Shrink Wrapping Machine
-Shrink Tunnel
-Stretch Wrapping Machine
-Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine
# Packing Straps, Clips & Supplies
-Strapping Rolls
-Box Strapping Roll
-Polypropylene Strapping
-PP Box Strapping Roll
-Plastic Strap
# Storage Tanks, Drums & Containers
-Water Tanks
-Water Storage Tanks
-Storage Tank
-Plastic Water Tank
-Stainless Steel Tanks
# Product Packing & Labelling Services
-Packaging Solutions
-Package Designing Services
-Packaging Consultants
-Industrial Packaging Services
-Trousseau Packing Service
# Industrial Chemicals & Supplies
-Industrial Chemicals
-Speciality Chemicals
-Waterproofing Chemicals
-Water Treatment Chemicals
-Dr Fixit Waterproofing Chemicals
# Chemical Reagents & Catalysts
-Chemical Compound
-Laboratory Chemicals
-Laboratory Reagents
-Magnesium Sulphate
# Insecticides and Pesticides
-Agricultural Pesticides
-Organic Pesticides
-Plant Growth Regulators
# Natural and Synthetic Resins
-Epoxy Resins
-Acrylic Emulsions
-PVC Resin
-Polyester Resins
# PET Granules & Plastic Raw Material
-Plastic Granules
-PP Granules
-HDPE Granules
-Colored Plastic Granules
-LDPE Granule
# FRP Lining, PU & Powder Coatings
-Powder Coatings
-Epoxy Coatings
-Waterproof Coatings
-Epoxy Floor Coatings
-Polyurethane Coating
# Textile, Dyeing & Finishing Chemical
-Textile Chemical
-Bleaching Powder
-Dyeing Chemicals
-Textile Auxiliaries
-Textile Dyes
# Organic and Inorganic Solvents
-Industrial Solvents
-Chemical Solvent
-Isopropyl Alcohol
# Natural, Industrial & Medical Gases
-Industrial Gases
-Industrial Gas Cylinder
-Auto Gas
-Oxygen Concentrator
-Oxygen Cylinder
# Petroleum and Petrochemical Products
-Liquefied Petroleum Gas
-Fuel Oils
# Flavours & Aromatics
-Acetic Acid
-Citric Acid
-Food Colors
-Food Flavour
-Guar Gum
# Adhesives, Glue and Sealants
-Fevicol Adhesive
-Synthetic Adhesives
-Industrial Adhesives
-Waterproofing Material
# Fertilizers and Soil Additives
-Agricultural Fertilizers
-Organic Fertilizers
-Bio Fertilizers
# Mechanical Parts & Spares
Industrial Valves & Valve Fittings
-Ball Valves
-Industrial Valves
-Butterfly Valves
-Control Valves
-Gate Valves
# Gearbox, Axle, Sprocket & Gear Parts
-Industrial Gears
-Automotive Gears
-Chain Sprocket

# Die Casting Mould & Moulding Tools
-Plastic Molds
-Plastic Injection Mold
-Injection Moulds
-Plastic Moulding Dies
# Alloy, Metal and High Strength Bolts
-Metal Bolts
-Hex Bolts
-Stainless Steel Bolts
-Mild Steel Bolt
# Moulds, Jigs and Casting Dies
-Metal Die
-Casting Dies
-Injection Moulding Dies
-Precision Dies
# Die Casting & Investment Castings
-CI Castings
-Metal Castings
-Die Casting
-Iron Castings
-Industrial Casting
# Alloy, Metal and Industrial Nuts
-Metal Nuts
-Hex Nuts
-Stainless Steel Nut
-Mild Steel Nuts
# Rubber Gaskets and Gasket Material
-Rubber Gaskets
-Industrial Gaskets
-Rubber Grommets
# Nails & Pins
-Wire Nails
-Iron Nail
-Brass Pin
-Dowel Pins
-Industrial Pins
# Sheet Metal & Turned Components
-Machine Parts
-Machined Components
-Sheet Metal Parts
-Sheet Metals
-CR Sheets
# Ball Bearing Assemblies & Components
-Bearing Housing
-Bearing Parts
-Stainless Steel Balls
-Plummer Blocks
-Ball Joint
# Bushings & Bushing Parts
-Metal Bushes
-Brass Bush
-Gunmetal Bushes
-Stainless Steel Bushings
# Alloy, Metal and Machine Washers
-Metal Washers
-Plain Washers
-Spring Washer
-Stainless Steel Washers
# Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders
-Hydraulic Cylinders
-Hydraulic Power Pack
-Pneumatic Cylinder
-Power Packs
-Hydraulic Power Units
# Forgings, Forging Parts & Supplies
-Forged Components
-Forged Automotive Components
-Forged Flange
-Die Cast Components
# Power Transmission Tools & Couplings
-Timing Belt Pulleys
-Universal Joint Cross
-Pin Bush Couplings
-Power Transmission Equipment
# Hydraulic & Pneumatic Machines
-Hydraulic Press
-Hydraulic Machines
-Hydraulic Equipment
-Hydraulic Spares
-Hydraulic Components
# CAD CAM Design & Consultancy
-CAD Service
-AutoCAD Designing
-Drawing Services
-Drafting Services
-CAD CAM Services
# Metal & Plastic Moulding Services
-Injection Molding
-Wooden Moulding
-Moulding Beedings
-Plastic Molding Services
-Molding Services
# Welding, Soldering & Brazing Service
-Welding Works
-Soldering Services
-Brazing Services
-PCB Soldering
-Post Weld Heat Treatment

# Testing & Measuring Equipments
-Testing Equipment
-Testing Machines
-Universal Testing Machine
-Compression Testing Machine
-Hardness Tester
# Laboratory & Lab Equipment
-Laboratory Equipment
-Laboratory Instruments
-Water Baths
-Centrifuge Machine
-Laboratory Apparatus
# Measuring Equipments & Instruments
-Measurement Instrument
-Digital Meters
-PH Meter
-Digital pH Meter
-Water Meters
# Electrical & Electronic Test Devices
-Digital Multimeter
-Energy Meter
-Data Loggers
-Electric Meters
# Weighing Scales & Measuring Tapes
-Weighing Scale
-Electronic Weighing Scales
-Digital Weighing Scale
-Electronic Weighing Machines
-Weighing Machines
# Measurement Gauges & Gauge Fittings
-Pressure Gauges
-Industrial Gauges
-Temperature Gauge
-Plug Gauges
-Thickness Gauge
# Analyzers & Analytical Instruments
-Multipara Monitor
-Gas Analyzers
-Analyzer Equipment
-Analyzer Systems
# Plastic & Glass Labware
-Laboratory Glassware
-Laboratory Ware
-Glass Beakers
-Test Tubes
-Laboratory Flasks
# Flowmeters & Temperature Indicators
-Infrared Thermometer
-Flow Meter
-Clinical Digital Thermometer
# Compass, Telescopes & Survey Tools
-Survey Instruments and Accessories
-Total Station
# Medical Sterilizers & Autoclaves
-Hot Air Oven
-Bod Incubator
-Vertical Autoclave
-Laboratory & Pharmaceutical Ovens
# Metallurgical & Lab Microscopes
-Laboratory Microscope
-Research Microscopes
-Binocular Microscope
-Medical Microscope
# Weather & Meteorological Equipments
-Moisture Meter
-Temperature Meter
-Digital Anemometer
-Humidity Meters
# Calibrators & Monitoring Systems
-Digital Timer
-Temperature Indicators
-Digital Temperature Indicators
-Calibration Equipment
-Thermal Camera
# Cleanroom Equipment & Supplies
-Laminar Air Flow
-Clean Room Equipment
-Biosafety Cabinets
-Laminar Flow Cabinet
-Pass Box

# Scientific Instruments & Devices
-Scientific Instruments
# Sensors & Transducers
-Temperature Sensor
-Proximity Sensor
-Load Cells
-Motion Sensor
# Material Testing Labs & Services
-Testing Services
-Laboratory Testing Services
-Material Testing Services
-Soil Testing Services
-Non Destructive Testing Services
# Instrument Calibration & Adjustment
-Calibration Services
-Instrument Calibration Services
-Balancing Services
-Transformer Testing
-NABL Accreditation
# Research and Development (R&D) Work
-Technology Development Services
-Social Research Services
-Product Development Research
-Contract Research Services
-Research Center Service

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